Coeur d Alene City Beach

The video below shows The Coeur d’Alene City Beach. The beach is 1/2 mile from The McFarland Inn. If you walk to the beach from the B&B, you will walk through our historic downtown area where you will pass unique shops, restaurants and art galleries. This is the heart of the city and is incredibly vibrant in the summer. When you reach the beach, you will also be at City Park. In the video, you can see the park on the other side of the beach wall. You can also see bike riders between the wall and City Park. They are riding on a section of The Centennial Trail (see another post about this trail). As the video moves across the lake, you will see a pier with a float plane at the end. You can take a trip above the lake on this plane! This is also the pier where boarding for the Lake Cruise boats takes place. Then you will see the Coeur d’Alene Resort marina. There is a lovely boardwalk that goes around this marina. The video shows a bridge by the marina. This is part of the boardwalk. It is fun to walk along the lake on this boardwalk. Beyond the marina is our lovely Tubbs Hill Park (see another post about this park). As you can see there is quite a bit to do in our downtown area. If you want to swim in the lake or hang out on the beach while you are here, I have beach towels and beach chairs for you to borrow.

4th of July in Coeur d’Alene

We had a great time watching the Coeur d’Alene Fireworks this year! We viewed them from McEuen Park, only a short walk from the B&B. The Fourth of July is always fun in Coeur d’Alene so think about joining us sometime!


Easter 2015

We will be celebrating the arrival of Spring and Easter from now until April 6. Come and celebrate with us. Below are some images from past Easter decorations and guest treats.

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The North Idaho Centennial Trail

The North Idaho Centennial Trail is a 24 mile long bike trail that starts at the Idaho/Washington border and ends at Higgins Point on Lake Coeur d’Alene. It is the most popular trail in this area. The guests at The McFarland Inn love riding our bikes on this trail during their stay. The part of the trail that is most beautiful begins about 1 mile from the B&B and ends about 8 miles east at Higgins Point.  Coeur d’Alene has the most beautiful mornings. A ride on this section of the trail is just the pick-me-up one needs to start the day. In another section of this blog (Things to Do; Cycling) I have described the trail in more detail. Below are some images of this 8 mile stretch that I hope will get you in the mood to add this activity to your vacation schedule!

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Ironman Week!

Hi Everybody,

Ironman 2015 is approaching! It is an exciting time for everyone, not just for the athletes. The whole town supports this event. It is a fun time for all.  The race will take place on June 28th. The McFarland Inn welcomes our Ironman guests. In 2013, I took this video to show different aspects of the race. My niece participated so some of the comments have to do with her progress, etc. I am posting this to give everyone a little feeling about what takes place on race day.

Cycling in Coeur d’Alene

I am excited to report that  I have just added four new bikes to my “fleet”. They are beautiful 3-speed cruisers! For years, guests have had the use of my four 21-speed all-terrain bikes. Now they can enjoy the cruisers as well. The weather has been wonderful the past few weeks and guests have been giving them quite a work-out. When you stay here, these bikes are complementary. There are now 8 bikes available! You can use them whenever you want and as long as you want. To date, it has not been necessary to reserve them but they have become so popular that this might have to change. I will let you know. Take a look at the bikes below!

Please take a look at the “Things to Do” section of this blog that talks about the cycling opportunities in the area.

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Tubbs Hill Park

Tubbs Hill is Coeur d’ Alene’s treasure. Located in the downtown right on the water, it was saved from development in the 1960’s by residents who refused to allow development on this priceless piece of land. Only open to foot traffic, it has spectacular overviews of the lake and the city. Tubbs Hill is about 1/4 mile from The McFarland Inn and many of my guests take their morning walks in this park or visit it for its wonderful sunset views. These images were taken on April 23, the most beautiful day of the year so far.

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Welcome to The McFarland Inn blog. It has been established as a way to keep guests informed of the latest happenings in Coeur d’Alene area. Information on community events, activities, arts and culture, and restaurants will be up-dated on a regular basis. I hope this information will help you plan your trip to beautiful North Idaho! Enjoy!

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