Below are the restaurants that are consistently favored by the guests of The McFarland Inn Bed and Breakfast. It is not a complete list of restaurants in the area. People always ask me, “where would you go if you were going out tonight?”so I have put asterisks next to those. I have also indicated those that are within 6 to 7 blocks (walking distance) from The McFarland Inn.

Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant, (Seafood) Coeur d’Alene (208) 664-4665

Midtown Bluebird  (Modern) Coeur d’Alene (208) 665-3777 walking distance

Beverly’s, (Fine Dining) Coeur d’Alene   (208) 765-4000

The Cedars Floating Restaurant, (Steak and Seafood) Coeur d’Alene (208) 664-2922

Collective Kitchen *, previously called Scratch, Coeur d’Alene, (208) 930-4762 walking distance

Season’s , (Modern) Coeur d’Alene (208) 664-8008 walking distance

Satay Bistro*, Upscale Modern Food, Coeur d’Alene (208) 765-2555

315 Martinis and Tapas*, Tapas, Coeur d’Alene (208) 667-9660  walking distance

Wolf Lodge Steak House (Famous Steaks), Coeur d’Alene (208) 664-6665

Fleur d’ Sel*, (French) Post Falls (208) 777-7600

Angelo’s Italiano Ristorante*,  (Refined Italian) Coeur d’Alene (208) 765-2850  walking distance

Tony’s on the Lake  (Southern Italian), Coeur d’Alene (208) 667-9885

Tito’s Italian Grill , (Italian) Coeur d’Alene  (208) 667-2782 walking distance

Fire*, (Artisan Pizza) Coeur d’Alene (208) 676-1PIE  walking distance

Syringa*, (Japanese), Coeur d’Alene (208) 664-2718

Moon Time*, (Favorite Local Pub) Coeur d’Alene (208) 667-2331

Capone’s (Favorite Sports Bar, burgers and pizza), Coeur d’Alene (208) 667-4843  walking distance

Hudson’s Hamburgers,  (Burgers), Coeur d’Alene (208) 664-5444 walking distance

Crafted *, Craft Beer and Pub Food, Coeur d’Alene (208) 292-4813  walking distance

Dockside, (Coffee Shop in Coeur d’Alene Resort) Coeur d’Alene (208) 765-4000 walking distance





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